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Berbel Casas
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19 Octubre, 1982
Rue Van Hammée 17. 1030 Brussels
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I am based in Brussels and I am passionate to learn about processes and places where people discover a smarter way to inhabit this planet
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I graduated in Arquitectura Superior (equivalent to Engineer architect) in 2007 at the Univeritat Politècnica de Catalunya, in Barcelona (Spain). During my studies I focused on working not just my academic profile but also my personal skills, taking part in exchange programs (Erasmus program at the TU Delft (NL) in 2003-04), international workshops (Jiao Tong University Shanghai, 2004) and study trips (Berlin, Chicago, New York, Rome, Istanbul, Finland, Paris) Since I got my diploma, I kept my skills up to date, by reading, attending to professional seminars and doing online courses. Finally I studied a postgraduate degree in international public tenders at the University of La Salle, in Barcelona, which ended in June 2012. There I acquired several management skills and knowledge of the international market business, which I hope will help me in my new working life episode in Brussels. In my last job (until august 2012) I work as a project leader in the Spanish architectural firm Nogué Onzain López arquitectes, a company that I joined in 2008 as a junior architect. Since then I have had a progressive career, gaining more responsibility every year. My last assignment was the design of an Auditorium for 700 people at the Modernist World Heritage complex “Hospital de Sant Pau” in Barcelona. Previously I worked as a full time architect at the construction site of the “Conservatori de Música del Liceu”, and one year as an assistant designer for the firm Claus en Kaan Architecten, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands (2005-06). During my study years I also worked as a part time intern-researcher at the Department of Urbanism at the University UPC. On my own, I have developed various interior designs and participated in several public competitions; in which stands a Honourable mention in the international competition of Europan 10 in Lisboa (2009). There, I played the role of team leader. In September 2012 I moved to Brussels where I expect to continue growing as a professional in a more interdisciplinary and international environment, and learn about a wider approach of the design methodology. I am a young architect passionate about searching innovative developments in order to transform society. I would like my work not only to be represented in physical structures but also in processes and places where people discover a smarter way to inhabit this planet.

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