BaBH San Francisco competition winner team

BaBH San Francisco competition winner team

Indibil Solans, Lara Arín, Daniel Varga and Lluis Balcells


Lara Arín, Lluis Balcells, Indibil Solans and Daniel Varga are students at the School of Architecture of Reus. They are a group of people with different personalities whose interests vary from teaching and researching, to the graphic and technical aspects of architecture.

Being students of different classes, they have had different opportunities to get to know each other throughout their university years. It also was key the fact of studying at a young and small school.

They all have combined working in various studios with studying at the university. They have benefited from this, as they all have a more realistic view of the profession. As architects appreciating the challenge of bringing potential solutions as a response for specific problems, they have always wanted to design together. Therefore, they have teamed up to continuously learn from the challenges proposed in competitions of architecture such as the Arquideas competitions.  

During this last year, they have been awarded with the following prizes: finalists and prize Arquideas for the Museum of the Ancient Nile (MoAN), first prize of Arquideas for Bay Book House of San Francisco, and finalists at the Archmedium’s NYCV PRO. Given these results and the chemistry between them, they are thinking about continuing to work as a team.