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Stephen Allen

My concept looked at the importance of preserving the Amazonia yet also have a wide are of research centers through the vast river.The very nature of this competition is to observe these natural surroundings in as many places as possible yet not interfere with it. In order to get a true understanding about the wide array of habitats and ecosystems, I located a large amount of centers along the river. Whenever a centre is not in use, it is then submerged within the fabric of the landscape, thus preserving its true nature and identity. This adaptability also allows the centre to be lifted above the trees and an aerial observatory comes into play. These centre's become interesting stops along the river because its itinerant structure allows for adaptability to suit the area which it sits in.

Respecting the landscape is my number one goal because in order to learn about it, you must not interfere with it. One large centre sitting on the river would not suit the area for many reasons.

1. It will contrast the fabric and tarnish the very reason for these centre's, which is to learn about its untouched state.
2. Having a single location will in turn not fully facilitate the teaching of the whole Amazon River.

These reasons along with several others led me to design small itinerant centre's scattered throughout the area to allow for a larger scale of observation.

Itinerant in design allows for an adaptable space for learning which will grow with its environment. Be an organic element in its ecosystem.

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