Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA - 1437
University of Waterloo / ca Canada
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Richard  Mui

Amazon is a vast ecosystem intertwined within itself, a form of natural congestion with multiple layers of biological hierarchy. Our proposal for the new observatory revolves around the idea of integrating a sophisticated system to minimize negative impacts on the environment and superimposing guiding coordinates for the visitors.
Within the system, different typologies of towers act in symbiosis, where different functions work as complements to one another. The floor plates in each tower vary in size as they correspond to different configurations of programs, which enhances the sectional experience of the biological hierarchy. The towers are connected by layers of paths that elevate the pedestrian circulation off the bed of the forest. While this provides protection and security to the visitors, it also minimizes human interruption on the ecosystem without sacrificing intimate observation of the forest. The typologies of these paths are defined by the parameters of interior programs and the natural environment. As a result, this horizontal layout of vertical buildings allows the scheme to achieve a net area of interior space similar to that of a conventional center without the need for excessive excavation at ground level.

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