Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA - 1279
ETSA-UPV / es Spain
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Belén Castelló Ochoa
Daniel Andrés  Vera Villalobos

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The Amazon rainforest is located at the centre-north of the South American continent.

It cannot be made a correct analysis of the Amazon without taking in account the three components that work simultaneously: the river, the forest and the villages. Around these three elements all activity to analyse and observe in the region is developed.

The activity can be understood from these assets, which include: flora, fauna and human activity. Axiomatically, we conclude that for these assets to occur, three primary elements are needed: water, earth and air.

After analysing, it is understood that any intervention should be respectful to the surrounding nature.

For a complete experience of observation, a route that passes through the three main elements mentioned before is needed. This way, a room of water, land and air is designed, visiting each one in the same order starting from the pier entrance.

To achieve mimicry with the environment, the decision taken was to bury the first two rooms that contain exhibition and observation spaces. Thus, the resulting platform from the deck becomes a natural and practicable area.

The observatory consists of a number of platforms developed in different heights.
From them you can see different views due to variation in height, vegetation density and different animal species. From the platforms hang a series of nets that work as railings and protection where one can hang of them and enjoy the scenery.

Instead of harming the existing trees by adding prosthesis or auxiliary structures to it, it was decided to provide the jungle with new “trees”, built around the vertical circulations, hiding them for achieving mimicry with the environment as explained previously.

The circulation throughout the project always arises from the respect to the environment, fundamental premise for a correct observation experience.
The route begins at the pier facing the Amazon River. From the pier, you access a ramp protected by a per- gola, which leads you down to the reception area, contained in a rigid nucleus along with the restrooms and cafeteria.

The rigid nucleus separates the water hall from the earth hall. In the water hall (-3m) there is a space for observation through a large submerged window supplemented by display panels. In the earth hall (-6m) the concrete roots grow underground, organizing spaces into different areas of exposition, projection and rest. Between the roots, you find the vertical circulation access where lifts and stairs are disposed to lead the visitor up to the air observatory and from there back again to ground level. The observatory route ends once more at the pier.

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