Viewpoint of the Fjords

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NÄKEN - Spirit of the waters

VOF - 1229
Iuav / it Italy
2 miembros
Massimo Silvestri
Lorenzo Boccucci

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Espacios Públicos

Naken are shapeshifting water spirits proper of Germanic mythology and Scandinavian folklore who usually appeared in forms of other creatures and protected the lakes where they used to live.
The project is located on the western side of Geirangerfjord, near the archeological site of Skagefla Farm. It is attainable with path that links Geiranger, Homlung ang Skagefla, or with the trail that begins in Skagehola Bay. It develops near to a small plateau and all along the rocky wall below it, just in front Seven Sisters Waterfall.
The main theme of the project comes from the element with shaped the entire territory of Norway: water. Bathing the shores and crowning the mountains, water is in fact the primary material of these lands. The project wants to celebrate it, rethinking the most magical attitude of the element, reflection, and the different aspects in which water manifests itself. Architecture becomes an instrument that interacts directly with eyesight, reflecting and rethinking the entire environment, overturning the relationship between human and nature and becoming the gigantic kaleidoscope of nature.
This point of view embodies three archetypal architectures: the cave that protects; the lighthouse that orientate; the menir that marks our presence on the earth.
A slight ramp stretches along a flat area and leads to the beginning of the path, an open and covered space that signs the entrance. The promenade develops downwards, crossing staircases and landings, and ending in a lower enclosed space that opens the view to the surrounding landscape, giving visitors the chance to lie down inside the fjord. Stairs stretches between a wall of reflective aluminum panels, which reflect both sides, Sevens Sisters and the impressive rocky wall on which the project is hanging. The combination of reflection and transparency given by materials offers opens to an imaginary world, to offer the visitor, both from inside and outside the structure, a new way of perceiving the surrounding landscape.

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