Museum of the Ancient Nile

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MoAN - 1562
Fachhochschule Aachen / de Germany
1 miembros
Houssine Abdelkrim

This Design of the Museum of the Ancient Nil is an hommage to the egypt culuture, architecture, tradition and to the history of the ancient Nil. It is placed on the south part of the Isle (Jazirath ad Dabhah).
Nowadays we are living in fast developing technology time. For this reason i decided to design a museum which is a mix between a historic- and an event museum. It includes a Restaurant, a Garden, an Aquarium,
a Terrarium, and new developped Nilometer with an Audiovisual Part. The visitors should reflect about the history of the ancient Nil, but they can also experience the Flora and Fauna of the Nil.
The walking path are placed in this museum so that the visitor sees everything which is inside and nothing will be left out. Even by the exit the visitor is forced to leave through the Store, which is often neglicated in most museums.
The energy for the whole museum comes from the Obelisk which is a concentrated Solar Power system.

The inspiration comes from the Nil itself for the design. The Whole Buildiung is a reconstruction of the Nil.
The Nybaraongo-Terrarium and the Rurubu-Aquarium symbolise the riverheads of the white nil. The Tana-Nilometer symbolises the headwater Tana See of the blue Nil. Both are directed to the east side where life begins according the old egypt belief.
The Delta-Pyramide and the seven Fountains are inspired by the Nil-Delta and it's rivers from the time of the roman empire.
They are directed to the west where life ends according the old egypt belief.
The Delta-Pyramide is directed to the north like the pyramids of Gizeh. The pyramids of Gizeh are also imitated as showcases in the first permanent exhibition hall.
The Facade is a symbol for the Nil river which comes from the water sign in the hyroglyphs of the egypt Nil Symbol.

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