Museum of the Ancient Nile

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MoAN - 1385
islamic azad university of tehran (cu) / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
3 miembros
Mehrad Alimohammadi
Milad Salehivasegh

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Watching «Djedi Robot Expedition»(Pyramid Rover Robot 1993-2002) documentary is a unique old fascinating and full of mystery experience. So as first step we thought about transforming that to a spatial experience for visitors, «Facing a wall with no openings that you believe there is a Mystery behind it”.

From religion perspective Nile is the Creator in the middle of live beings and death world, generator of Civilization and from Architectural and Urban design perspective is a Threshold (mostly) or a Border that goes beyond it›s role of divider or buffer zone etc. A wall that is not a typical wall. “The alive Wall” that contains and embodies life. So the Wall should be located where it belongs, on the Nile itself. The peninsula gives us the opportunity to locate our site in the middle of the Nile on the ledge of water and soil to emphasise on the essence of being “in- between space”.

Starting from two tributaries-two entrances-walking on a long way through several contracts-680m length and a stair typical profile- and come together to create a mysterious and tremendous civilization-putting the Interactive space in the junction of two Passage.
Entering a long walk and going up-down , Feeling the mystery and watching the history through different senses like the many ones who lived along the great Nile.

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