Museum of the Ancient Nile

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MoAN - 1346
Universidad de Alicante / es Spain
2 miembros
Héctor Ibáñez Navarro
Sergio Limiñana Vera

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The Museum is based on the spiritual impact that the Nile has had thoughout the years on the society where it flows along. Creating a feeling experience which is the key to understanding the great importance that the Nile River has, had and will have for agents who live in him, by him and for him.
The form adapts to the environment and becomes part of it, imitating the sedimentation and the layout of the crops along the Nile.
The sensations experienced by the visitors bring back the floods experience, pre-Aswan Dam, which irrigated and provided the nutrients needed to create an area full of fertile substrate capable of developing one of the most emblematic nations in history.

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