Museum of the Ancient Nile

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MoAN - 1308
Lovely Professional University / in India
4 miembros
Karamvir Singh
Manpreet  Singh
Robin George Paul
Shailja Singla

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It would act as hub for knowledge about the Flourishment Egyptian civilization due to the existence of Nile- Egypt’s primary water source and could be a helping hand in conservation of the river with a replenishment of the near vicinity - as almost all rivers around the world are on a verge of death

The proposal aim at enhancing the aroma of Nile at the prescribed location and lighting a spark amongst the heart of the near dwelling civilizations for conservation and development of river Nile.

Entangled between the Proposal river Nile provides a personified aroma to the visitors along with showcasing the purity of the relation between the evolution and nature by taking visitors through the densely forested area, water ways, rope ways and sometimes even underground.

Numerous avenues in the proposed MoAN offer a platform for the one to have a panoramic view of the museum featuring densely forested area to that of deserted area, rope ways to that of waterways, low lying to that of heighted construction at the same time.

The proposal takes visitors through a showcase based on Antiquity
So, the journey begins from (1) a densely forested area leading to a ingress avenue with lion statues on both sides having an Oblisque (representing the victory of wars fought to resist the downfall of kingdom) placed in middle as the center of attraction. Further (2) the way leads to a platform with Sphinx symbolizing ravenous monster for who cannot answer its riddle suffer a fate according to mythological stories. A step forward (3) turns towards typical works/ jobs undertaken by people of the civilization for their lifestyle. Lost in the Civilizations of Egypt (4) a shower of water pulls mind of visitors towards the Water wheels followed by (5) a typical clustered layout of the civilization then lived. Coming to the shore of Nile (6) into the sunken gardens and open air theatres with cultural and heritage depictions stays a calm to view the sunset at far end, forward by (7) the Felucca’s taking a turn around the shore, and the visitors reach (8) the giant pyramids in a deserted land, far huge than they can ever think of. This raises a (9) delima in the mind for their construction and maintenance, clarified by (10) the laser show projected on a mount berm museum on the other side of Nile.
The other part of the journey starts after a break of (11) traditional market space and food kiosks onto(12) a Folding bridge leading to the mount berm museum on the other side having featured with (13) the remains, the graves, mummies, manuscripts and carvings, along with the way of life of the royal- offered by (14) the Rope-way to the top of the hill and the interior circulation demarcated with the rays coming from beneath the glass walkway, all held at its position by the folded hands of ultramodern techniques and sustainable approach.

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