Museum of the Ancient Nile

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MoAN - 1291
Politechnika Łódzka / pl Poland
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Paweł Marjański

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Museum design is simple. the struggle is creating spaces. My idea gathered sustainability, public space and cultural institution in one form.
Folded shape allows building to draw water from Bile and transport it throughout building- watering gardens and cooling interior.
The flaw of most museum is concern about tourists only. I believe that building has to enrich soace in which it is set. "Fold" creates public space for local community in gardens located between stone ribs.
My design is also a tribute to achivements of ancient Egyptians, that led to developement in architecture. "Fold" chatches the step of a pharaoh, rhytyhm of columns, calm nile flow and creates processed form of ancient temple.
Decsiion of underground setting led to open floor ground plan which lives in symbiosis with surrounding gardens. The unique space created, blurred the lines of interior and greenery and will provide once-in-a-liftime expirience for tourist and locals.

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