Museum of the Ancient Nile

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MoAN - 1177
TU Delft / kr Korea, Republic of
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Heeyoun Kim

This proposal considers the time changing of the Nile river. From morning to evening, from spring to winter, from past to future, Nile river have been diverse scenes and spaces. These are not only view, but also cultural context. To emphasize Nile’s changing of time, this proposal makes a new layer of the river. It will be a bridge to connect other sides of cities. Visitors can experience Nile river when they enjoy the exhibition. And it will provide new scenes to Nile and new scenes of the Nile. People can observe the changing of the Nile river, and see the changing of the culture of the Nile at the same place. Visitors can across the time of the Nile at this place. Not only building, but also Nile river and near cities will be part of the space of this design. Layered exhibition halls and over scale corridors are spaces for exhibition, and composition of the city. Those are independent, but connected as one building, like a relationship of history and periods. In the evening, Nile will project the night view of the building. The inverted pyramid, Conference hall, will be a pyramid ‘in’ the surface of Nile river when the sunset. In conclusion, the principle of this building is that not only building, environmental, and city, but also the time will be part of the space and architecture. As time goes by, visitors and Citizens can have diverse experiences, like Nile river.

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