Museum of the Ancient Nile

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Léa Prieur

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This museim, located on the east bank of the Nil, is an unmissable point between Assan and Luxor.

The project is located on a hill near the riverbank. It is also build outside of the towns not to disturb the daily life and agriculture work of the locals.

The museum, organised around a central corridor is composed at the back of an admisnistration area and an amphitheater. Two exibitions areas in the center. Finally a restorant, a souvenir shop and a small library fare acing the landscape, giving an access to the outdoor terrace.

This museum will exhibit the daily life of egyptian during antiquity. All that thanks to interactive models and daily life remains. It will also allow people to rest and enjoy the landscape thanks to the severals terraces.

Moreover the museum has to be protected from the heat. So it is compsed of a main structure made of concrete beams that will be filled with mud brick. These bricks have not only good thermical properties but also ,as they are locally produced, respactable of the environment.

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