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Mirror Mirror - IMOA 1315

IMOA - 1315
Università degli Studi di Palermo / it Italy
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Giovanni Lo Coco

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

Description: The proposed idea of the project for the International Museum of Astronomy was formed to encourage the discovery of the uniqueness of the location, known for both its beautiful landscape and clear sky. The building, aligned to the route 27 from San Pedro de Atacama to Bolivia, benefits from the natural altitude gap defining a simple volume, which comes out of the ground, as a mined stone, able to disguise itself, integrate in the landscape and age over time.

The rocky facade serves also as a functional way to control the temperature range. The gabions, full of local rocks, cover the entire south facade, whereas the north facade, which is more exposed to the sun in the southern hemisphere, is caracterized by wide glass walls, valuable also as a way to enjoy the landscape, in particular the Sairécabur volcanic group, while a patio shades the sun in the winter.

The roof of the building acts as a place to enjoy a continuos view, defining a place where tourists can be inspired to discover nature and the celestial sphere. Specifically, the roof includes four hemispherical volumes, two of which are observatory systems, housing telescopes at tourists and researchers’ disposal. The roof is reachable also directly from the street, becoming a staging area for excursions and hiding the underground parking. The rocky volume instead houses the museum, characterized by two interconnected paths, giving different possibilities to freely discover the outfitting of the museum. Movable panels define a traditional museum, when closed, or an open space for experimentation. The ground floor, finally, houses the hall, the restaurant and a specialized store while outside a mirror gives the possibility to view the landscape and the sky in an unusual way.

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