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Guangzhou academy of fine art, china / cn China
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xu qiongchun

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

The intention to design the MESC is to create a new leisure model as well as an alternative to the tourism on the fragile and unique coast of the Mediterranean island. In order to respect the pure nature and the various regional culture, site selection has been carefully considered in the design process. Key factors such as convenient traffic condition (Land transportation & Marine transportation), distance from the local village (Short distance for locals to reach &Convenient for visitors to reach the villages nearby), Diversity of the geography should provide the coming MESC to develop in the long run.

Instead of choosing the existing developed harbor and beaches, a new site which is less developed has been oriented for MESC. By linking the existing main road, creating an new exciting point (MESC), the surrounding would developing in the coming 10 years as the tourism flourishing. Sight contact has been built up between the existing villages and the new MESC. Because it would be built on the top of the cliffs along the coastline, it is easily recognize by people even from the far away distance.

The initial concept for the MESC is inviting people to get to know the Mediterranean culture better. The whole architecture is just like an opened black gifts box, once it is opened, you can see a micro Mediterranean village in the box. The landscape and the local building strategy has been divided into several blocks. Multi stairs have been set up to link each functional space together, the similar way like the locals building their house along the cliffs. Making the building disappear in the sea is also the part of the concept, A big scale of swimming pool is designed on the top, looking like a black cover from the bird view. The feeling of disappearance is originated not only from the vision but also while swimming in the pool. In order to create a small Mediterranean village in the box, some specific Mediterranean building characters have been transformed to each functional space such as leisure areas, restoration areas and performance areas.

The feeling of outdoors is what we want to create in the interior, making people more like to relax and embrace the sunshine. An outdoor central performance area is created by a big scale stairs, at the same time it can lead the way to the roof swimming pool. The function of this area can be changed according to various needs. It can transform into an outdoor restaurant, gathering place for parties, and also a music concert stage. People can enjoy the central performance from different angles such as on the roof, in the swimming pool and as well in the restoration area while opening the door.

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