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MESC - 1260
ETSAM (Escuela Politécnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid) / es Spain
4 miembros
Elena Cruz alcami
ana cue albert
Almudena Ballarin
maria morales ferre

Tipo de proyecto:

The intervention’s aim is to offer the visitor the experience to enjoy Ibizas fabolous landscape in a different natural way. Moreover, the strategy is to reinforce and empower the sites characteristics, without damaging it.

A contemporary view of the landscape, a delicate intervention at a territorial level.
With the use of an elements repetition and its variants, a pathway is surveyed and new programatic spaces, -adecuate to the different areas- are created.
Depending on its position and density these elements create different situations managing to adapt each use to every type of natural space.
In addition, this element, that varys in height and section, is interiorly fabricated in methacrylate and exteriorly in polycarbonate, with a stainless steel base. It counts with a solar energy caption mecanism allowing its illumination.

Nowadays, architecture’s most important goal is to be able to adapt correctly to the surrounding and its necessities.
With this landscape project, we seek to generate a bond between Ibizas natural heritage and the visitor.

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Finalist, Premio Especial de Arquideas



We had fun at the beach, water is cold and wave is crazy at The Clavon, I will come again soon.

Fashion designer win the "Best Art Show" this year at The Parc Clematis, big congratulation to Lewis!


This drawing is amazing and so creative, I will send my kids to learn art and craft and create similar project The Woodleigh Residences. I am excited to meet new friends when my school start tomorrow.

Very interesting discussion here, I will definitely share it with my friends staying at Treasure At Tampines with the residents of Treasure At Tampines.

So amazing experience, Never been so elated about this roadtrip at Hyll On Holland I am going to mountain climbing to see sun rise and plan for the same trip again next year!

Interesting art work, how long did you take to design Riviere Condo,
I will invite some friends over to join us in this competition!

beautiful art piece, i think it worth million at Avenue South Residence, I am still learning how to draw with my school art teacher.

The flower is blooming at it peak during spring at The Florence Residences, I will bring my girlfriend to this beautiful garden at Florence.


Riviere Condo is the new launch condominium located at the former Zouk site at Jiak Kim Street, near River Valley. The iconic Riverfront Development is
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I see a winner ! This is the best project !


This gorgeos project not only deserves to take the first place, it should be implemented as quickly as possible as it both blends in and improves its environment. "Wow" fails to accurately portray the grade that this beauty truly deserves.


hahahahaha thank you very mucho Pedro


Amazing project! Willing to see it get the merit it deserves!

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