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MESC - 1197
SDS Architettura Siracusa - Università degli studi di Catania / it Italy
4 miembros
Lorenzo Franza
Adelaide Loiacono
bianca la spada
Antonino Dell'Aquila

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The main goal of our project is to show the beauty of the natural landscape in the north-eastern area of the island. Five floating jetties have been considered in the project: four in the bigger bay and one in the smaller , connected to the hotel. The hotel's building is anchored to the rock face; the three upper floors, holding the rooms, are above ground, whereas the lower four hang from the rock face and hold the restaurant with other facilities. An elevator allows to reach the private jetty. The elevator has glass walls and runs through the whole building in a space delimited anteriorly by the façade panel and posteriorly by the rocks, lighted up by the openings in the panel; in this way, with the light hitting the rock face, a very special atmosphere is created. The bigger bay, instead, is characterized by the four jetties arranged geometrically in a square shape. Every jetty has a rectangular area that can serve for several purposes: parking lot, relaxation area, stage for night performances or even service area for each jetty. Beside the practical usefulness of the jetties, as sunroof or as docking spot for small or medium size boats, they provide the tourists a new point of view: the island can be observed not only from the hinterland, but also from the sea, from a distance otherwise reachable only by boat.

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