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The new “beach” located in Xaracca Bay will provide for a new leisure on the island of Ibiza. Kayaks and Scuba Diving are rented, bought and maintained within, lessons are given and from this secluded crsytal clear bay the rich coastline of Ibiza’s northern edge can be investigated. The bays central location along the eroded coast allows for access to a rich tapestry of adventure opportunities in the near vicinity. Cliff climbing and hiking to the West and sailing and swimming to the East. Both provide innumerable opportunities for exploration and the buildings form relfects this threshold, land - coast - sea.

The centre caters to locals and tourists alike, the elevated beach along the centers roof, creates opportunities for relaxtion, fun and stunning views while the lower promenade links a series of cafes, restaurants, classrooms and rental shops eventually culminating in a view out to the sea and the cliffs to the west.

The structure which forms the building is a combination of concrete colums and monolithic elements which over time will provide new habitats for coral and other marine life in the bay. Rainwater is collected along the surface of the promenade and is reused in the throughout the building, while below, power is created via tidal generators.

The new “beach” will further link the island of Ibiza to its incredible coastline and the Mediterranean beyond!

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