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MESC - 1053
Universita degli studi di Brescia / it Italy
3 miembros
Daniele  Accardo
Alessandro Mensi
Luigi Ricciardi

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The aim of the project was to preserve the existing environment of Ibiza and to create a system that could be assembled, moved and fixed in any area of the Mediterranean Sea. This kind of solutions can also be used to generate new spatial dynamics between the elements of the coast, that can mitigate and correct the territorial development of the existing environment. In this case we used it to connect two side of Port de Portinax. It is a system of floating platforms in which we can offer different types of services, like cinema, theatre, observatory etc. The principal aim of this system is to offer to professionals the possibility to create their own platform with services and paths that they need. At the same time it’s possible to change every single module when it reaches the end of its life. This solution create an evolving model, keeping it always up to date and where people can live different experiences and create new stories. The peculiarity of our project is the possibiliy to extend it indefinitally and in complete freedom, up to cover the entire coast.

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