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University of Oulu / fi Finland
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Henry Kouva

Welcome to a journey through space and time. Enter Mayu 8 - the building that houses the international museum of astronomy (IMOA). Whether you are a professional in the field of astronomy, an amateur or just a tourist, the museum inspires and encourages you to experience our ever expanding universe with the latest technology and especially with your own eyes.

The building mass has two main spaces, or voids, which both offer a view of the crystal clear Atacama night sky. The ground floor's planetarium offers breathtaking journeys through the universe and a quick glimpse at what the museum has to offer. The main exhibition space flows around these voids in a figure of eight fashion and consists of the main hall and gallery sections. 1st floor also offers a quieter and more relaxed room where you can observe the sky through skylight.

The journey reaches its culmination at the top of the building where the observation deck and the observatory are located. If your fingers are itching to get your hands on the astronomy gear, you can test and purchase them from the ground floor's specialized store. After quite possibly a mind-expanding walk through the museum you are welcome to sit down and exchange your experience with other visitors while you dine and wine at the ground floor's restaurant.

Our tour through the museum is now over but the journey to the countless worlds of our universe has just begun.

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