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Las Cajas de Chile - IMOA1363

IMOA - 1363
Aalto University / fi Finland
2 miembros
Takahiro Minamino
Ayana Naoi

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We expressed the shape of Republic of Chile to the building by abstracting it. The planetarium is placed in the place where Atacama desert is located.
The whole museum is composed of 15 separated boxes including 2 of them in basement. Each box has their own purposes and are connected with long passage, its one side facing east is completely covered with glass so that people are able to enjoy the great mountain view everywhere from inside.
Employed T-shaped truss structure which is supported by concrete cantilever beams coming from each box to prevent using mussive columns in main fasade. The edge part of roof of T-shapeed truss structure gradually becomes thinner to make itself lighter.

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