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IWC1451 - Dorpie

IWC - 1451
Carleton University / ca Canada
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The title of the project Dorpie is a South African word used to describe a cluster of habitations and functional buildings, that together, form a small rural community. This idea of the word dorpie was a starting point for the conceptual development of the design. The idea was to create an architecture that functioned as a single unit which each component enhances one another to create a cultural, historical and environmental centre.

The design was influenced by traditional South African art, more specifically the geometric motifs, and the Vernacular Tribal Architecture of the region. An in-depth analysis behind the construction method of South African dorpies provided a good basis for the development of the layout and floor plans of the complex. This was later juxtaposed with typical traditional art work and the strong horizontal bands of intricately planned geometries in order to develop an object that related back to the traditions and cultures of the region.

The design provides dedicated areas to assist the necessary day-to-day functions of the facility, such as:

- research lab/animal clinic/excursion centre
- conference/presentation halls
- administrative area
- exhibition/info area
- flex space
- accommodations
- lobby/gift shop
- cafe
- restaurant
- hypostyle hall & performance space
- outdoor terrace

The overall design allows for visitors to emerse themselves in the cultural, historical and environmental aspects of the park to generate awareness of the continuous efforts to maintain and ensure the survival of the natural landscape, animals and plants that thrive in this diverse region.

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