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IWC - 1448
Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa / pt Portugal
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Gonçalo Campos Cardoso Machado Santos

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The idea of keeping a Place has a natural enviroment is present , what hinders deployment an architectural object . The scarcity of vegetation is something that afflicts me. Because of that I propose a high housing with tree concept. Making a place harmonious among human and animal accommodation .
The idea is a set of accomodation indefinitely placed in the territory. The ownership of all sets creates a human experience abouve the ground.
Allowing an animal experience on the ground and diferenciated by an humanitarian experience on tree levels.
there are 5 stations on the territory each station as 20 cabanons (16 for turism and 4 for veterinarians).

The ideia is to promote walking around the park watching how animal and habitats comunicate. It can be made a trip to every stations. thatswhy cabanon is a temporary sleeping habitat.

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