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IWC1441- Silent Horizons

IWC - 1441
University of Washington- Seattle / us United States
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Gabriela Alban Hidalgo

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This proposal acts as a filter that naturally dissolves out towards the landscape. This strategy synthesizes a gentle coexistence on a vast landscape despite the large scale of the program. With an organization based on a circular scheme, the project avoids to trace any dividing boundaries on the Savannah.On the contrary, it diffuses them. The design seeks a balance between refuge and prospect on a vast field.
The organization of the housing units around two central cores allow for views towards the horizon to be maximized while perceptions of a gathering center and community to be strongly maintained. The central cores divide the program into education based activities and tourism. The void which separates them becomes the least intrusive gesture; thus setting the stage for the animal care area.
The poetry of the form is the result of a structural logic seeking to touch the earth lightly. The loads are distributed and transferred to the ground on the concentrated points.
A sustainable lifestyle is the inspiration for the the design. The building envelope is receptive to the elements and the interior experience of the spaces is heightened by instances where nature penetrates the skin and interacts with the audience.
In the cabins researchers can enjoy a lofted room to study, gaze-out and dream. Below; the pods for sleeping are lightly suspended above the ground because the wilderness inspires a different way of coexisting- a gentle way. At night, these pods will populate the landscape with poetic lanterns that are softly swayed by the wind.

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