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IWC - 1439
Harvard University / us United States
2 miembros
Kunkook Bae
Sungjoon Chae

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Our proposal attempts to create the differentiated space with no clear architectural borderline between wild life condition and our proposal.

In order to create the harmonious relationship with nature, we propose an organic shape building as a flower in plan. The petals consist of 13 rings interwoven by a pedestrian walkway. The walkway ties the 13 rings together and carries visitors and volunteers to their recreation, works and social spaces. As it makes its way through the petals, the walkway transitions into terraced observatory areas encouraging visitors to stop, reflect and take in the new perspectives that are uncovered for them.

The structural system is proposed here is that of a tree-branch from a symbolic African tree, acacia. Bringing a shape of nature and similarity of inner and outer landscape allows animals not losing a sense of difference from their own natural environment. For tourists, they will enjoy staying in the nature emerged design and they will also enjoy the view of landscape through the shape of nature. Our design is not drawing a boundary between the nature and built environment, but the design is imposed with nature and it will fully harmonize with surrounding environments.

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