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IWC - 1437
Universidade Lusíada de Vila Nova de Famalicão / pt Portugal
2 miembros
Pedro Barros
Alice  Cardoso

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The Kruger National Park is a large reserve in South Africa and the most important wildlife refuges by the dimension and diversity of species that protects.
We propose a large circular volume that rises to show the magnificent Kruger landscapes, where animals live. This large volume want a perfect harmony with nature, as well as, possess the strength to become central to the region.
The circular external form of the building means that the approach is equal from all direction. without front or back, the building opens evenly into the surroundings.
Peoples arrive to the building by a big bridge that digs the ground and transport the people for the wildlife world. The wildlife world that beginning in the wildlife center and extends by the kruger park.
The base of the building is an open and covered space that makes the building appears to float above the vegetation. This covered space is a meeting point that receives and protects people, like a big tree that protect animals under its branches.
The plaza level provides space for animals care area and access the underworld that provides space for a auditorium.
The multi-storied building above the plaza provides space for exhibitions halls, work and investigation rooms, restaurant and cafe, accommodation for professionals and tourists, and finally in the roof a place to looking around.
The building is envolved by a thin wooden structure that find reference in the technique used by the Zulus in the construction of yours traditional houses. This timber skin allows controlling the intensity of the sun inside the building during the day and provide a bright image overnight.
We would like to make the most beautiful building where people can freely explore their own experience and be involved in the great experience that is Africa and the wildlife.

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