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Carly Martin


Floating above the landscape, see the African wildlife as never before, see the animals as the birds do...

Suspended above the natural environment is a large steel wire construction, on various levels surrounding the waters edge. This sky net will provide an invisible but iconic birds eye viewing platform for visitors to safely study and enjoy the wildlife without disturbing, or needing
additional protection from the animals. This concept was inspired by Artist Tomás Saraceno with his ‘In Orbit’ exhibition in 2013 in Germany. The net or traversable spiders web, is a proven technological idea for this new state of ‘the art wildlife center’.

The buildings are designed as simple long linear structures housing the various functions, sited to appear to float from the arrival point to the central column which connects the high buildings to the existing dam wall. Accommodation for tourists and volunteers is located on the lower level below the main walkway while professionals stay within the animal care center a short distance away from the main structure. This exciting new building with dynamic spaces open to the landscape offers a place to meet others, view the animals and become involved in the activities of the center.

The center is strategically sited on the Mlondozi Dam wall, to capture close up the wildlife as they congregate for their daily drink and to utilize an existing large man made structure in the Kruger National Park. The buildings are positioned near the main road for easy car access and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding landscape particularly Muntshe Hill. Arrival is via the existing road to the Mlondozi picnic site where the Wildlife Centers entrance, shop and information are located. The building structures are conceived to touch the earth gently if at all. This ensures close up viewing safety for the visitors and volunteers as well as the principal objective of conserving the environment for the animals.

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