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"Sapienza" University of Rome, Polytechnic University of Turin / it Italy
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Dimitris Michele Daniele
Valentino Danilo Matteis

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Not much can come close to that feeling when you spot an animal in the wild, especially when you are not expecting it. The Kruger National Parc, with its impressive variety of fauna and flora, can combine learning with an enjoyable experience for everyone. The intention of this new project for the IWC is to draw visitors by promoting a way to explore nature, more adventurous and primal. To accompany also an unforgettable experience of safari the character of this project is that of a shelter. This idea hopes bring more funds and involve volunteers in order to help the survival of the species as well as contribute to the protection of their habitat.
The kraal village is a typical settlement in South Africa, where huts are placed in a circle around a cattle corral. In order to respect and promote the local culture of collectivity the new wildlife center shares this concept. The project is made of a repeated module, disposed in circles, that works as a shelter or simply as a viewpoint that visitors can reach during their safari trip to rest or work. This creates small temporary communities of explorers to meet and recount experiences had before departing for the next trip.
Goal of this collectivity is to raise public awareness, promoting strategic associations and a responsible rehabilitation of the fauna.

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