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IWC - 1326
NJIT / us United States
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Jasmine Alcaide
Belen Neira

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We propose a place where HUMAN and WILDLIFE habitats interact. At first you are centered towards a long path that offers a series of moments that to experience different moments bridging guests with Kruger’s wildlife. The walkway starts by shadowing your vision until you discover a fragmented wall with larger visual openings. The bridge creates an intimate habitat between wildlife and guest by narrowing the the path bringing the surface of the river by you feet. As you gaze at the animals and move away from this almost wet experience. Now your eye sight starts to diminish and you feel the ground pushing your body upwards to higher level. This elevation offers you a panoramic view of Kruger South habitat. Lastly, the bridge divides into two pathways to allow guests to access their accommodations. For tourist, their rooms stay at the higher safe level where they gaze at the animals in their natural habitat. For volunteers, their rooms and work area are located at the ground level where they can take care of animals.

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