International Wildlife Center

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IWC - 1244
ETSAC / ETSAM / es Spain
2 miembros
Ignacio Cabal Palicio
Carmen Toribio

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The International Wildlife Center is designed as a shelter for which the archetype of the Zulu huts. It is a metaphor about the sustainable development based on the idea of a nest, a shelter, a place in which to take refuge in the middle of the nature using the least materials and formal recourses. Enclosed by an African rush building wall and pine wood pillars’ system. Easy construction, few materials, few resources.
The visitors can feel how the prototype works thanks to its exposed structure. These materials (rush and pine wood)
integrate the project itself in this environment in the sense of rooting the lodges in the place and the memory of the site.


Based on the traditional huts, one element cannot contain all the functions. That is why the visitor center is created with a repetitive prototype which contains: meeting point, housing, caretakers, restaurant… This element follows a neutral form like an ellipse which capable of taking place such different uses. Depending on demand or needs of space, the Center is allowed enlarge or reduce, just adding. It is a non-limit extension system. This organization enhances and diversifies the relationship between visitors and the surrounding environment, creating varied possibilities.
In attempt to follow the principles of the sustainability philosophy, the Visitors Center opens its roof to collect rainwater.

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