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IWC - 1199
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Adela Ciocan
Cora Kaindl
Mohamed Medhat Tawfik Esmat

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Outside of the Park's official border, the route of action-oriented tourism initiates. From Hazyview it's a 5 day walking trip to the Muntshe Hill. Our projects unconventionally linear shape, traverses all boundaries and allows for a re-reading of the landscape's political meaning. All functions, wether indoor or outdoor, are stacked above each other to reduce the area covered, we touch the Savanna in a minimum amount of points and construct reversibly. The virtual line extends from the city into nature like an injection and can retract without leaving traces. The Catwalk is a showcase of human activity: main functions like the research centre and hospital exist in close relation to the immediately neighboring “wilderness”. The ever-changing balance of “nature” and “culture” is expressed in our decision to cite traditional pattern language of the Ndebele which becomes an inhabitable space.

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