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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul / br Brazil
4 miembros
André Fauri
Guilherme Moraes Silva
Rafael Berny

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To design a visitor centre in the middle of one of the largest national parks in Africa is an opportunity to create an space where one can be in touch with nature and rethink it's relationship with it. To aware visitors through the experience. To change the paradigm of past centuries when men and nature were seen as conflicting elements. A space of transformation for all who visit it.
Kruger National Park is one of the few places yet to be almost entirely kept from human intervention. We might say that it's a space of silence. Any intervention in a space of silence is somehow a sound or a noise. Modern society is built from noise, every minute we're given much more information than we can perceive, it's noise that provokes, influences, bothers and transforms us. Many artists and architects build their work from the defiance and construction of noise. Others rather search for a more silent melody among the society of loudness.
Starting from these observations, the design of the visitor centre is conceived as a huge roof that begins from "Muntsche Hill" and covers the whole project. It's sustained by a network of exhibition stations, connected with footbridges. Conceptually the roof is the ecosystem and the stations that support it are the park's fauna and flora. With the use of skylights, the play of light and shadow inside the stations aims to reach a censorial awareness of the risk of extinction of certain species. The program itself is organized in a pure volume, a ring, subtly raised from the ground with the use of 3 fake terrain bumps. This project aims to be noisy by making silent interventions. The non intervention on the ground level - which keeps the terrain's permeability -, the use of an organic roof masked in the natural environment, and the use of the pure shape of the ring - where it's most important point is the center, a void -, with subtle interventions the project aims to transform the relationship of the visitors with nature, and therefore, with the planet.

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