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Escola Tècnica Superior d'Àrquitectura de Reus (URV) / es Spain
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Josep Vallès

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Year after year the wild natural areas are reduced drastically. Society tends to follow urbanizing new spaces incompatible with wildlife.
The coexistence between humans and animals becomes artificial. The animals become domestic or captives.

Africa is one of the countries that still have large areas where animals can live in freedom, as in the Kruger National Park.

Our proposal doesn't want to reduce these spaces, wants to be integrated in the environment.

IDEA: Captivity vs Protection
OBJECTIVE: To limit the space of human intrusion keeping the wild character of the rest; adapt to the environment; use of local materials...
INTERVENTION: define a protected area. All the volumes of the proposal are built using a base module of wood. easy local construction methodologies...
ELEMENTS: entrance and reception (1), nursing and laboratories (2), commune and observatory area (3) and temporary residential modules (4)

The result is the creation of a protected space that adapts to the environment and allowing free interaction between people and animals. Offering a learning experience and direct relationship with the species that live in the Kruger National Park, which are the real stars.

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