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Princeton University / us United States
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Cong Wang

There used to be a close resemblance between architecture and nature, whether regarding physicality such as form, structure and material, or emotional perception of the space. Considering the architecture in contemporary society has been unfamiliarized from the science of wildlife, Kruger National Park will be the place that re-unveil the nature of architecture to the world.

Horn to be Wild, referencing the primitive hut of Native African architecture, is both welcoming human visitors and animal residents by interacting with familiar landscape through pure geometry and organic configuration on the ground.

Located on the intersection of roads, trails and Nwaswitsontso River, Horn to be Wild will be the meeting point of human and wild lives, technology and nature.
Accomodating essential programs such as Information Center, River View Point, Wild Gallery, Wildlife Research Center and Visitor’s Camp, this visitor center functions as the entity for wildlife protection. It provides the site for information exchange, knowledge creation and awareness promotion to the world.

Reflecting upon the current situation that human is exploiting wildlife resources and threatening the lives of animals, Horn to be Wild acclaims the need of wildlife to be as it is.

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