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Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid / es Spain
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adriana Pablos
belen gonzalez

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Visiting the Kruger National Park it’s a lifetime experience of the wildness of Africa.
Life for the Park’s inhabitants (the Big Five amongst other animals) is not liked to a certain location. Life for them takes place in constant movement along the day and through the whole extension of the park.
We believe that only visiting the Park in this “constant moving” condition will make the visitor fully enjoy wildness. Therefore we propose a Sixth Big Animal that joins the pack.
A small crawler crane that carrying a box of equipment. Two types of boxes. Those for the maintenance of the park and those for visitors. In the first group: The Animal-Box, designed for the caring and transportation of animals and the Studying-Box enabling scientists to make the needed fieldwork. Designed for visitors: the Sitting-Box that offers them a close contact to the animals of the pack and the night box or Sleeping-Box that provides a safe shelter around a fire where desired in contemplation of the savannah nightlife atmosphere.
Visit the park and get ready to join the de pack with the privileges of height and movement.

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