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IWC - 1054
Universidad de Valladolid / es Spain
4 miembros
Daniel González García
Alvaro Moral García
Elena  Mardomingo Arribas
manuel  cuadrado señorans

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Edificios Públicos


The strategy is simple. The savannah is subjected to thousands of tensions across millions square kilometers. It is a daunting natural landscape which does not welcome any architecture rooted to the ground. That is the reason we decided to separate ourselves from the earth.

The large amount of present scenarios makes us think of a balanced, central architecture as the visionaries of the nineteenth century did. It helps us to think more about abstract and landscape elements and less in the word architecture. One line of research already present in history is the Russian Constructivists movil houses which really make sense here.

The decision involves a lot of advantages and makes mobility and flexibility easier for us in a Natural Reserve where distances are extremely long. It offers us a great panoramic view, a separation from the earth and it brings us one step closer to the savannah through a lightweighted, permeable structure. The large central space is designed as a public space in contact with the nature which, when the object is landed, will integrate the savannah inside itself. This space also contains the driving space and its engine is able to raise and transport all the structure.

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