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Università G.D'Annunzio - Pescara / it Italy
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Salvatore Casaluce

Venice is a northern Italian city located in the Veneto region. For its urban characteristics and artistic heritage, Venice is universally considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and, along with its lagoon, one of the Italian UNESCO World Heritage sites: this factor contributed to make it the third Italian city with the highest tourist flow, counting 25 million visitors each year. Due to the morphology of the city, this may represent a serious problem. The project offers a solution to this issue through the creation of an artificial island formed by a system of flexible spaces that will accommodate new visitors. The complex is characterized by a composition of a triangular form which will make the island expand and to have new forms. The idea is to create new artistic and cultural spaces along with the pre-existing attractions Venice has to offer. The island functions are meant to create a center of attraction, visually connecting Venice to St. Mark's Square and the Park of Remembrance. The two main buildings here proposed, host auditorium/theatre and exhibition hall. There are also other connected structures which include several facilities as rest areas, restrooms, conference room, shops, games room, info point.
All these facilities can easily accommodate different activities facilitating anybody's needs. The urban composition of the island recalls the historical Italian culture based on the renaissance "ideal cities" as it follows a mainly geometric and radial pattern, as evidenced by Palmanova, Pienza and Sforzinda. The main feature of this model city is represented by the viability since through the "cardo-decumanus" system, the intersection of the two stradi perpendicular form the square, the hub of this project. The buildings and the second roads are situated around the square in a radial, hierarchical and symmetrical way. This will create continuous and prospective lines that will lead the visitor's eye to picturesque scenery.
The island, as well as Venice, is strongly characterized by the presence of water reason why it is crossed by waterways easily accessible with the traditional mean of transport in Venice:
the gondola, equipped with docking system.
The plate lays on a steel reticular pillars system. Within these pillars there are the turbines that exploit the wave motion of the lagoon transforming it into energy for the island.

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