Island of Arts

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IOA - 1196
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / es Spain
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José Ángel de la Hija Domingo

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world due to its beautiful heritage and countless monuments. The well known Venetian canals cause a rigid structure in the city, but what would happen if we question that strictness? Could we create a flexible system into a rigid one?
The Island of Arts should be a place for all the arts, a flexible and versatile structure that is linked to the function and changes with it. Theatre, music, architecture, sculpture, painting; all of them are different and we live them differently. Conceptually, the proposal involves both the function and the shape to create a mutable system that interferes with the public space in a strategic location with views to the main monuments of the Canale di San Marco, connecting the old and the new through the water.
The project is a floating platform based on a basic unit with an empty prismatic shape. This unit presents different heights over the sea level depending on the water contained in it and the objective we pursue. If the unit contains a small quantity of water, we obtain a wall. If it contains a big quantity, we will have a platform close to the sea level. The result is an artificial and flexible landscape inside the canal that continues the public space and changes the way we use to live it. The same amount of basic units can be used to build a concert hall, a theatre, a museum, a café, a park, a sports field or even a labyrinth, while we enjoy excellent views of Venice.

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