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Ku Leuven / be Belgium
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Mesut Sonmez


The delicate city of Venice is known by the beautiful architecture and window openings which are shaping Venice together with the waterways. Beside the architecture the city has a lot to offer like the architecture biennale, carnival, cuisine and so on. To reach the hotspots, people are getting first lost in the city unless they hire a water taxi or know precisely where to go, when reaching the main hotspot like plaza san Marcos or Riva degli schiavoni street, the crowd, small businesses and big cruise ships doesn’t allow the pedestrians to enjoy the ornamental facades in Riva degli shiavoni street. By placing small pedestrian lines which are going through the water, the process of reaching the biennale will be slow down, meanwhile it offers to enjoy the water and the cityscape. Shadow, Materiality, air and simple volumes are creating the new hotspot of Venice. The new hotspot will serve as a polyvalent space. On the other hand it offers the visitor interesting panorama viewpoints of Venice city and waterscape. Meanwhile the architecture is a protest and responds on the contemporary architecture, the responds is a contrast between materials and volumes in combination with air and shadow.

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