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Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg / nl Netherlands
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Willem Jan  van Ginkel

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Most of the sky observatories are distinctive appearances. With our design we intent to merge the new building with its surroundings.
Our Internatiol Museum of Astronomy Infinity is part of the landscape insteat of an object in the landscape.
The Ruinas de Tulor and the universe served as inspiration for the design. The materials used on the outside of the building are materials used from the direct surroundings of San Pedro de Atacama.

The parking is situated on the ramp which leads to the entrance of the museum, which is about 10 metres beneath the surface level.
When entering the main hall of the museum, there is this enormously atrium with the elevators on the left. These elevators are bringing the visitors to the outer ring of the planetarium. From here there are two directions possible, so that the visitors can walk their route through the building. On the ceiling are the constellations printed, they do provide the required amount of day light. On the wing of the museum the constellation also devides the two sides, this is supporting the route through the museum. Besides the horizontal cracks in the wall at the restaurant side and the rooflights there are no openings for daylight.

There is an individual roof entrance from the square in front of the main entrance, which leads directly to the roof. So that this can be a gathering point for everyone interested in astronomy. The angle of the roof is so designed that it can be used as a platform for larger groups to observe the sky. On the roof there are also the constellations visible which provides small walled spaces, so that they can sit out of the wind.

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