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Azmeer Banoo

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The Spaces fill the building as the stars in the galaxy.
The spaces of the Astronomy Museum are divided into commercial and exhibition areas, wich the commercial includes the restaurant and the specialized store and the exhibition includes the planetarium, observation deck, staging area for excursions, planet explorer for kids, exhibition between the spiral ramp and the solar system exhibition above the specialized store.
The planetarium is a flight to the virtual universe (screens with an online sky viewer) by an UFO through the wormhole, this gives the users a sensation of traveling to the sky.
The Planet Explorer for kids is designed with planet surfeces giving a sensation of being on a planet and a screen that educates them showing animated scenes of the sky.
The Pulsar Turret is acessed by a lift or the spiral ramp through the exhibition walls in between. The solar system exhibition is also acessed by the same spiral ramp.
Some of Astronomic instruments are placed between the internal spaces.

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