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Explain your For the International Museum of Astronomy I chose a site which is out of reach of any possible light pollution and in the same time close enough to local airport and town of San Pedro de Atacama.

Because of desert climate (even though not extremely hot, just dry) is the most of the museum digged in ground. This help to keep the centre climate pleasant during the day and night and allows the observatory clear sight all around. What lefts on ground is a low structure which is in harmony with the vast empty space around.

Whole centre is divided on the main parts, which are connected by undeground storey. The two buildings are wrapped around the central tower with observatory on top and planetarium in the lowest part of centre.

Between the main buildings emerges a double storey courtyard protected in the lower level by raised platform of ground floor. This platform provides area with shade where visitors can rest during the day, while waiting for night and stars to appear. proposal

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