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University of Applied Science FH Aachen / de Germany
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Daniel Quadflieg

The proposal shall be located in front of San Pedro facing the mountains. The connection is practical because on the one hand existing parking space can be used but on the other hand the building is still a monolit in the landscape. The interaction with the landscape is the core of the idea. An interior architecture shall be in an dialog with the exterior landscape. the building itself should be really logical and functional. a fundamental groundfloor will be there for having the all day uses like the cafe, the shop and also the technical rooms. also a fundamental part should be the roof which is the second floor as well. this floor contains of an gigantic observation theater. because this is what atacama is famous for. For the great view at night. without complicated construction the view to the sky is possible .
The first floor will be the essence for the concept. it will be a temporary architecture landscape. The Idea to be temporary contains from the native thought not to build for eternity because of nature disasters etc. This shall be an abstraction to design an interior landscape with a national wood. wich is not just sustainable but also flexibel to all kind of forms, uses and special events. the lanscape is create on the inner circle of a boulevard which allows the view in the landscape 360 degree.
A huge atrium in the middle of the building inlights the inside core and allows views from the different levels to each other and to the sky. The energy for the building should be produced mainly by geothermical energy. Because of the Volcanos this area is like predestinated for using it. With the material wood the temporary part is build on a sustainable base. The fundamental parts of the building shpuld be build in concrete. This should underline the landscape of the first floor. In my proposal I created boxes that form throug the shadows of the sunlight to an abstraction of the mountain landscape. But of course there are plenty of forms possible for the interior landscape. The proposal combines native thoughts with flexibility of future buildings. Furthermore It respects the landscape and goes in a very passion able dialog with its surroundings. I think that the IMOA would be a great experience for every age.

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