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IMOA - 1327
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / gr Greece
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Maria Palaiologou
Danai Stavrianou

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

This proposal presents the International Museum of Astronomy of Atacama, which introduces the visitor to his acquaintance to the universe and the science of astronomy.

Taking that as a principle and in relation to the Atacama area, the design derives from the collision and the union of a celestial body to the ground, creating this way cracks and building volumes of different heights and symbolizing thus the unbreakable relationship between the earth and the universe.

The cracks play the leading role to the architectural design, as they contribute to the connection and the development of the building volumes, which are placed at the perimeter of the sphere-planetarium and refer to different uses according to their orientation. The suggestion is deeply influenced by the principles and the references to the local architecture of Chile, both in the composition and in the construction sector. This is particularly evident in the building entrance where there is a garden that leads the visitor to the main building, a handling that is very common at the Chilean dwelling. Another reference is that the main core of the building is developed in its interior.
As far as the building sector is concerned, local materials such as stone, wood and cement are used. Glass is also used, as it facilitates, on the one hand, the direct lighting and the visual contact between the internal and the external space and, on the other, the protection of the large scaled temperature differences within the 24 hours. In addition, at the external side of the glass wooden blinds are placed in order to control the incoming physical the and technical lighting.

An important compository element that has to be mentioned is that , taking the order of the spaces into account, there is a course and a continuity between the exhibitory area, the planetarium, the library, the simulation rooms and the observatory.

Through this connection, the visitor’s smooth and comprehensible introduction to the science of astronomy is to be accomplished. In detail, through the exhibition and various projections and presentations, the visitor will be informed about the Atacama area, the astronomy and the universe. Following up, he will proceed to the planetarium in order to watch relevant projections, so as to be navigated to the universe with the use of technology. Then, he moves to the stimulator rooms for his 3D experience to the infinity. The due course for the visitor is to end up to the observatory so as to be able to observe the clear sky of Atacama both in the external spaces, where the design offers him the opportunity to place his personal telescope or lie down and watch the stars, and the internal ones, where a refracting telescope of 360 degrees is set.

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