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A little bit about the concept.
The dimension of the building has the shape of a torus with rounded edges raised over the ground. All prominent constructions are smoothed by facade covering. Perimeter glazing is covered by elegant mesh of light-shielding structures. All this gives to museum solid, laconic, friendly look, and at the same time, alien and cosmic one. Why is the form of a circle?
● Astronomy - is the science about of the space and the universe. Circle – the ideal geometric figure is the symbol of the universe from the ancient times.
● Circular facade, perceptible from every view point, fits the Atacama desert area in the best way.
● Circular shape of the museum provides the most convenient inspection of the museum’s expositions.
Excursion around the museum.
Visitors begin their tour in the spacious, high, greened central hall. Going up the broad stairs they get into the show-room, 10 m high, which is divided into two tiers in some places. They pass by the planetarium, the big glass sphere, two towers for astronomical observations, video and conference rooms. Their way ends in the area of specialty shop and café, which has a view of the central hall, the starting point of the museum tour. v

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