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IMOA - 1223
University of Nottingham and University of Sheffield / cn China
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Yibo Yang

Long time ago, the ancients built acloud-kissing Babel Tower that may reach unto heaven for their bailment andhonour. However, God was engaged by human and punished us to have differentraces and languages.

This time,with no defence to the god, we are going to design an anti-babel tower undergroundwith a journey fromearth tocosmos to show our respects tothe ancients’ spirit of exploring and seeking for the cosmos and their to create a space to fulfil their wishes.

We keep the building within a modest and gentle height in order to make it integrated into the ground placidly. An enclosed space between these blocks can provide a square for relaxation, observation and staging.
After the journey of exhibition experiences, people gothrough a series of long and narrow steps towards the Sigma Octantis and finally face to the starry sky. Star pool mirroring the stars in dark sky provides them a fully starry night just as they are standing at the central point of the cosmos with contemplation of boundless space.

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