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fr France
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Charles Aubertin
camille dupont
Eva Maloisel
Samuel Jaubert de Beaujeu

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The essence of the project is to substitute to the idea of a museum about astronomy the vivid reality of Atacama's skies, it is to expose the totality of Space, spread out as the rough and exhaustive collection of a sky-museum.

Thus, rather than to propose a new "touristic tour" outside of Atacama, leading to a Temple erected in the middle of the desert, our proposal finds its source in San Pedro's ordinary time and space, shifting through the frontiers of the oasis and the desert and forming a continuous bound between the two environment.

Halfway to the stars, the footbridge engages the whole city's imagination in a global movement and takes everyone away to a collective dream : the tourists as the atacameños, the contemplative wanderers as the professional astronomers.

Along the path, a variety of relationships with the crossed territories emerge and generate singular uses conditions and observation situations, as well as spatial, acoustics and visuals variations.

This projects aims at creating a neutral field of possibility, establishing a direct, immediate and free-of-use state with its environment, a field at the same time roof, ground and wall, a field which could, beyond the mere astronomics, transcend the existence conditions of a territory, the desert of Atacama.

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