International Museum of Astronomy

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IMOA - 1071
kg Kyrgyzstan
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Nina Kolesnikova

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International Museum of Astronomy will include: a planetarium with an exhibition hall, meeting rooms, an observatory, laboratory, museum, classrooms for lectures, small exhibition halls, hostel for backpackers, students and teachers, car parking, cafes, specialty shop, information room
Visitors of the museum can not only get acquainted with the world of astronomy, but also to relax and spend the night in a hostel where there is a shower and a shared kitchen. Inside the museum is located glazed cafe overlooking the patio with a planetarium.
At night, everyone will be able to explore the starry sky observatory in Chile, which will be installed in the telescope, at the planetarium tourists and students can learn more about the stars and planets, listen lectures in the special halls.
Outline plan resembles spiral galaxy in the center of which is a planetarium.
This astronomy museum will attract a lot of tourists and students

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