Museum of the Ancient Nile

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Immersion into History

MoAN - 1310
University of Florence / it Italy
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Edoardo Nieri

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The project was born with the idea to bring people into the history of the Nilo.
To achieve the concept of an “immersion underwater”, a long path way, drive visitors to the core of the museum under a huge pool, like an iconic path underwater.

From the outside, visitors can see the bright pyramid reaching the sky.
Once them arrived into the main core, they can realize, that there is something more to discover.
For this reason all the museum is located underground.

All the project area is surrounded by trees, as an Oasis of Life.
The river Nilo, gave life in all the area nearby to it; to achieve this concept idea, the huge pool is surrounded by trees as an iconic symbol of life.

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Immersion into History
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