International Gastronomic Center

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IGC - 1118
Technical University of Bialystok / pl Poland
4 miembros
Paulina Kuszneruk
Aleksandra Anna  Bartoszuk
Emilia Cap
Justyna Janeczko

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Imagine place where sensors like taste, smell or eyesight are affected by international cusine. All that you can experience in COQUINARIUM-from latin coquina means place where you prepare food. The main inspiration of form is well known spice- ginger. Red color refers to the state in which temprature achieved the highest level. It also makes building an accent in space of Eugène Flagey Place. The bloob shape obtained is closed underneath the glass cloche, that has two meanings. First of all it completes the fronage,in front of the square. Second of all it symbolizes cloche used for covering food to keep it fresh. There are workshops located on antresol beneath zone of main kitchens. This solution brings the opportunity to explore world of cooking in most intesive way. Bloob shape is cut by footbridges on each level. Modular small green houses can be deistributed inside all building. Thanks to tanslucency of glass box, there is perfect isolation and microclimat for greenery to grow. Coquinarium is
hermetic world in which you sunstain sensual side of cooking.

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